5-minute DIY Coconut Scrub

Hello everyone!

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been wanting to go to a spa for a mani + pedi because it’s totally okay to treat yourself every now and then and because we all need some pampering. However, earlier today it hit me that this is the kind of stuff you can also do at home, with 100% natural products and for much less! So if you’re up to save some money and time, this post is for you.

Instead of going to an expensive spa and pay $40 for all these services, I decided to make a scrub out of natural ingredients to exfoliate my hands and feet in the comfort of my own house.

I’ve been making a similar scrub for a couple of years now, but for this one I changed the recipe a bit and I absolutely LOVED how soft and silky my hands and feet felt after I used it.

What you need:


  • 10 teaspoons of organic coconut oil
  • Cane or brown sugar to taste
  • Red food coloring
  • A cute glass container.

Yes, that’s literally it!


  1. With a clean spoon, add the coconut oil to the container. Make sure the spoon is 100% clean because coconut oil tends to get contaminated pretty easily if it makes contact with other ingredients and it can change in color and texture – this happens when you touch it with your hands too.
  2. Once you added the oil, it’s time to add sugar.
  3. Add sugar little by little until it overflows the coconut oil.
  4. The desired consistency should be sand-like. Moist enough to rub it on the skin but not too watery/liquid.
  5. Mix well. Because coconut oil is super oily – duh – it might be hard at first to mix the two ingredients well, be patient.
  6. Finally add ONLY TWO drops of red food coloring for a pinkish tone. If you add too much food coloring, the scrub will stain your skin every time you use it and it will be a waste. Mix gently.


Five minutes later and you’re done! Make sure you keep the container in the bathroom if it’s uncovered to keep a moist consistency.

Extra Tip:

Finally, I recommend that before you apply the scrub, make sure the area you are applying it on is wet enough so the sugar won’t scratch your skin and will go on more smoothly.

I promise you that after you use this scrub, your skin will feel SO FREAKING SILKY. Did I mention it’s 100% edible and works wonders on the lips? 💋

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