No Cloudy Days

It blows my mind that we are almost halfway over June. The 12th? Seriously?! I don’t know if it’s the adult in me but this year has flown by and it sometimes stresses me out to look back in retrospective and realize I haven’t done everything I’ve wanted to do.

That’s why this past weekend I decided to wake up early – yes, early – and do something with my life. On Saturday, I got to chat with my dad, eat a healthy breakfast, get my brows done, take the car to the car wash, go shopping and do a photoshoot for a local boutique that sells 100% Mexican-made clothes. The photoshoot went great and the location was perfect, but whilst in the middle of the photoshoot, I injured my back by bending the wrong way.

Turns out I got a back spasm and ever since I haven’t been able to sit, lay or walk properly. It’s so bad I couldn’t even get up for work today. It sucks.

On the bright side, since I have to rest as much as possible before going back to work tomorrow morning, I’m using this opportunity to write a couple of articles for Fashion Blog Mexico that I need to turn it ASAP.

– Special thanks to María Paula for always taking such great street style photos. –


Oversized striped shirt – Pull & Bear


Black heels – Stradivarius 


White fringe jeans – Stradivarius