Honey is underrated

The past week was somewhat odd. After the holidays, it was time to go back to reality and officially start working full-time at a well known media agency in the Northeast.

My first day was awkward and honestly, it took me a couple of days to get to know everyone else at the office and understand my position better.

The good thing is that everyone is nice and I get to create FUN things on a daily basis and get paid for it, which is great.

On Friday we took the official group picture and decided to wear something bright and memorable to start the year with the right foot.

Yellow jacket – Stadivarius

Silk blouse – Zara

Houndstooth leggings – Zara

Shoes – Bershka

Aviators – Ray Ban

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23 year-old Journalism and Digital Media alumna from the University of Alabama. I currently work as content producer for a media agency in northern Mexico. This website will show my creative path while I try to become a successful editorial journalist.

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