New York Photodiary

Hello bunnies,

Like I mentioned in my previous post, after graduation, my family and I got to spend three wonderful days in NYC. It was my second time visiting the Big Apple, while my parents and siblings were first timers (hint: they loved it).

We got to stay at a really nice hotel in Long Island City and spent every single day walking around the city (in the cold), eating ramen for three days in a row (it was damn cold) and jumping from one subway station to the other.

Overall, I learned and realized several things while I was in NYC:

  1. Ramen is too damn good but it’s even better if you drink a Calpico with your meal.
  2. Some people don’t shower (this is beyond noticeable when you ride the subway).
  3. I actually enjoy subway rides.
  4. Manhattan is a great city to live in when you are in your 20s and 30s but it must be hella annoying when you get older (late 40s/early 50s)? Maybe I’m wrong but that’s the impression I got.
  5. Do not eat in chain restaurants while in NYC. There are lots of cozy food places that are cheaper and better than your average chain restaurants.
  6. Do not go to Battery Park in the middle of winter, unless you want to freeze your butt off.
  7. The Picabia exhibit at the MoMA was absolutely STUNNING. He was such a versatile artist.
  8. I’ve never felt safer in a city like I did in NYC. There’s people literally everywhere.
  9. My Sigma 30mm was my best friend during this trip.
  10. Souvenirs are basic. Get yourself some cool art from street vendors. Those are cool.
  11. I will definitely be back.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip: