Tomboy Bunny

The past few weeks have been beyond crazy. 

Two weeks ago I graduated college and earned a degree in Journalism and Creative Media. Graduation day was definitely one of the best days of my life. My family came to the ceremony and stayed in Alabama for a few days before we all left for Atlanta and NYC (I will give you all more deets about graduation and our NYC trip later this week).

On the other hand, with graduation out of my way, I will have more time to dress up and blog! These pictures were taken yesterday by my sister outside our house. 

Since I’ve been super tired lately, I’ve been wanting to wear comfy but stylish clothes before I start working next week (YES, I GOT A JOB IN MY FIELD WITHIN ONE WEEK OF GRADUATING YAY!) and have to wear business casual and heels every day. 

SWEATER – Forever 21 

Jeans – Levi’s Vintage

Biker boots – Thrift store

Purse – Vintage

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23 year-old Journalism and Digital Media alumna from the University of Alabama. I currently work as content producer for a media agency in northern Mexico. This website will show my creative path while I try to become a successful editorial journalist.

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