Pink Madness

School’s out and finally I can go back to blogging and taking pictures. This is the outfit I wore yesterday for brunch and honestly It was really comfy and fresh! The color of the dress was perfect for the occasion and the ponytail helped me get a more casual look. I’m pretty sure this dress can be also used as a cocktail dress but with different accessories (for example black heels or nude pumps and a different purse).

Usually, when it’s really hot over the summer, most of us just stick to denim shorts with sandals and t-shirts when we can actually dare to wear way more clothes and get creative with our outfits.

It’s finally Friday and even though this was my first week off school, I am pretty worn out and tired. Things at home are way busier than I expected! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and do fun things (a.k.a. Netflix and ice-cream and trips and family and friends) and power up for the upcoming week. The future is bright!

Also, please exclude my dog.

Luisa ❤