Feminism is synonym to gender equality

After Emma Watson delivered her speech at the United Nations in September, a variety of positive and negative opinions regarding feminism and its purpose began to emerge in different publications and websites.

However, I’ve noticed that the word “feminism” is often misunderstood by men, women, transgenders and others.

Emma Watson’s speech on feminism at the United Nations attempted to clarify the real meaning of the word as “the belief that we should all have equal rights and opportunities regardless of our gender.”

The campaign #HeForShe is defined as a soldiery movement for gender equality that seeks more males and non-females to consider themselves as feminists for the benefit of all sexes.

It is important to clarify that feminism is no synonym to female supremacy or women domination over men; instead, it peacefully advocates for equal rights for all genders.

As a college student, it still surprises me to meet people that flatly deny considering themselves as feminists. Why would you refuse to support gender equality?

Misinformation can be the main cause when it comes to why feminism is often related and seen as an aggressive, isolating and anti-man rebellious movement, instead of being considered a step forward for society and beneficial for all genders.

In order to be able to solve social issues and collectively agree with each other, the proper understanding of the concepts we are using and their contexts is key.

Today, feminists are contributing to change the world in behalf of all genders and make it a fairer place for all. The world itself is not what’s important, but the idea and ambition behind it and what we are doing on behalf of it.

In the United States and around the world, gender equality is still an issue, and until all people — regardless of gender — are equally benefited socially, professionally and educationally, we can’t say society has succeeded as a whole.