Gameday trends by T O B I

It’s that time of the year again!

I once read somewhere: “Only in the South, football is an excuse to dress up,” and while I am fully conscious that dressing up for game days isn’t exclusive of the South, it is for sure a bigger thing down here. I go to a big SEC school and I can say that Saturday’s in the fall ARE for dressing up and showing your trendy side.

Football season is the main reason why I decided to start a series of articles about what to wear for game days; these reports will show trends on clothes, shoes and accessories based on a specific store’s products. My first article will feature online store TOBI, giving an insight to their latest products that would be a good choice for college football games.

Even though skirts and high-waisted shorts are popular on game days, dresses are by far the most common look.

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Sandals, wedges and cowboy boots can complement your outfit in warmer months like September and early October. For colder months, tall boots are the most popular choice.

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Accessories are VERY important

  • Do not forget to complement your look with some nice shades and a nice chunky jewlery.