Alabama defeats West Virginia with defense struggle (JN 325)

ATLANTA – The Alabama Crimson Tide had a debatable game on Saturday, August 30, when they played and defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers 23-33.

The team’s performance was put to question after struggling on the first and second quarters of the game, until a field goal by Adam Griffith untied the score 17-20. It was on the second half when the Crimson tide started to improve, scoring a touchdown and two field goals; winning the game by 10 points.

According to The Crimson White, the institution’s student newspaper, running backs T.J. Yeldon and Derrick Henry stood out and gave a good performance that pleased coach Nick Saban. On the other side, senior quarterback Blake Sims could have given a better execution on the first half of the game, slightly improving on the second half.

Christopher Walsh said on his article on Saturday Down South “the defense needs to develop a lot more during the next few weeks,” being that the main issue and threat of the game. “Defensively, we didn’t respond very well and we didn’t execute like we were supposed to.” Saban said at the press conference that followed the game.

Since the defense was the main issue of the team in order to keep winning upcoming games, changes on the defense should be made in the following weeks before important games against rivals such as Texas A&M get closer.