Redefining Society: We are all worth it.

Redefining Society: We are all worth it.

Redefining Society: You are worth it.

Last month during one of our classes, our TA (Teacher’s Assistant) Leah Carson, talked to us about a project she was conducting called Redefining Female Beauty. The purpose of her project was to help women change the negative way they view themselves. As soon as I heard about the project for the first time, I became really interested due to the many situations our generation is dealing with. But then I asked myself, “Why should we limit this topic just to women and their physical appearance?” A lot of people struggle every day not only with how they look, but also with how they feel about themselves in many different ways.

Last weekend I went to a big fraternity party with the purpose of having fun and dancing a lot. I did have fun, enjoyed the party, danced like crazy and felt confident with myself at all times. But as I looked around I noticed many people who did not seem to feel the same way. They seemed either awkward and scared or desperate for attention. I could see their low self esteem from a mile away. They were scared of not fitting in, not being like everybody else, not being socially accepted, and being rejected. They didn’t seem authentic, and for me authenticity is strongly matched with self-esteem. It is important to say that this problem does not only exist in the female gender, but in the male gender as well. It still impresses me how society impacts our own person in such different ways –looks, personality, actions– and even if people notice it, they make a small effort to change it because they don’t want to be different.

It is important to always remember that we were all born different. Why are we all trying to look alike? What a boring society we have become, and how many opportunities of standing out have we missed just because we want to stick to the status quo. I strongly believe that our differences (internal and physical) make us worth it, and that we shouldn’t be ashamed of that. Like Adam LaDolce once said to The Crimson White, “Social freedom is the confidence to be true to yourself. And those who are socially free tend to be the most attractive personalities out there.”

We all should be ashamed of condemning ourselves for highlighting our defects and other negative things all the time. I bet if we all start writing a list of why are we worthy persons we will beat out the negative things by far. We need to get rid of that bad habit of being boring, status quo people. That will not take us anywhere, but directly to the road of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

My advice: Do not depend at all times on what society tells you. Do not give in to society’s pressure in order to “look good” or “feel good”. Do what makes you feel authentic and in peace with yourself, as long as you don’t harm anybody else.

Finally, I made up a list of things you should consider doing in order to get rid of the social standard and start feeling comfortable in your own mind and body.
1. Stay active: This will make you feel productive throughout the day and eventually will increase your self-esteem.
2. Stay true to your feelings: Never do something that you will regret later or that goes against your values.
3. Exercise: 30 minutes a day will make you feel amazing and really confident in your own skin. Forget about losing weight and start having fun. You will see the psychological and physical results in less time than you think.
4. Be responsible: Do what you have to do when you have to do it.
5. Do not be scared of meeting new people: Go outside and attend different events that will make you meet other people and expand your social circle. This will help you develop your social skills and extrovert character.
6. Never compare yourself to others: Do not force yourself to be someone or something you are not. You were born an individual, so take advantage of that.
7. Get rid of your fears: Fear will not take you anywhere. Try new things, You are capable of doing the unimaginable!
8. Cultivate your relationships: Show others how important they are to you.
9. Help others: This will definitely make you feel good and satisfied with yourself. There is not a better feeling than helping other people. Show the kindness within you!
10. NEVER harm or devalue yourself: And if you do, ask for help. You are precious and worth it.
11. Appreciate the little things: The wind blowing, that red bird in the tree next to you, leaves falling, the color of flowers and everything that surrounds you.
12. Work: Try spending some time working and earning your own money. This will make you feel efficient and productive.
13. Realize how lucky you are: Appreciate yourself and your abilities at least once per day.
14. Cultivate yourself: Try reading or spending some time developing your intelligence. You will be surprised by the amount of things you can learn.
15. Be aware of your influence in the world: Realize your potential for making the world a better place every day.

16. Wear the hell what you want to wear: There are no rules when it comes to fashion. Express yourself and do not follow every trend. Create your own style.