Homer Hickam’s trip to the moon and other things.

Homer Hickam's trip to the moon and back and other things.

Hey there! I know it’s been a long time since my last post, and I just wanted to let y’all know that I haven’t forgotten my blog and that I will continue posting updates at least twice a month.

My life has been pretty interesting lately, and also very busy, but what I wanted to share with all of you is that I met New York Times #1 Best Selling author Homer Hickam at one of the University’s Journalism Day lectures. He is well known for his book “Rocket Boys” which was later turned into a movie called “October Sky” with Jake Gyllenhaal as the main character.

He shared with us how it was to be a well-known author, how hard he had to work in order to get his book published and the things he didn’t like about the movie adaptation of “Rocket Boys.” Me and Melissa were lucky enough to get a picture taken with him. If you haven’t watched the movie, go and do it. Or better yet, go and buy the book. (If you get the paperback edition, you won’t spend more than $5.00).

On the other hand, I also attented the Majors Fair at The Ferguson Center which helped me know a little bit more about my major and other programs available. Finally, I want to share with you the joy of every Tuscaloosa resident, because finally the climate has been perfect. Trees are starting to bloom, temperature ranges from the mid 50’s to the 70’s and we even got a light rain this morning.

Plenty of reasons to be more than happy! Plus: Spring Break is just around the corner. Where will you go?

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23 year-old Journalism and Digital Media alumna from the University of Alabama. I currently work as content producer for a media agency in northern Mexico. This website will show my creative path while I try to become a successful editorial journalist.

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