Why Journalism?

Tuscaloosa, AL-

The other day, while buying some hot dogs at a very southern store in Eastern Alabama, I was chatting with a very kind old man who apparently was the owner of the small restaurant. Out of nowhere our conversation started to take shape and suddenly the question just popped out of his mouth, “What is your major?” As a college student, I am very used to getting this question asked very frequently. It is the classic question when you first meet somebody and proudly with a smile on my face, I answered, “Journalism.”

I will be honest and tell you that I expected a smile and something like, “Nice” or “Good,” as an answer, but to my surprise the old man’s reaction was more like a worried face and the next words were said, “Hmm… Journalism is retrogressing lately. You are going to need to work a little bit harder. Newspapers are in trouble.”  Unsure and thinking about what the man just said, “Do you think so?,” was the only answer I could give.

It is true that the old man’s words made me feel a little bit insecure about the journalism field, but after thinking about the situation, I reached a conclusion. Is journalism just print and news? In the original context it was around 200 years ago when the profession just started to take shape. Nowadays, journalism definitely is not just paper and timely events, but a whole world full of doors to open and areas of concentration. Whether you like creative writing, analyzing any type of events, the creative fields, publishing, blogging,  film and TV,  image and advertising or editorial design, journalism might be the right choice for you. If you see yourself working as a writer, film/fashion/book critic, photographer, publisher, editor-in-chief of a cool magazine, reporter, editorial designer, artistic director, script writer, columnist or anything related, again, journalism might be the right choice for you.

Last week’s class “The Real deal about journalism” just strengthened my convictions and made me feel completely sure that I was making the correct decision of studying journalism. I am doing what makes me happy in every single way. I couldn’t name another major that could satisfy me besides the one I am in right now. Do not be afraid of dispelling the myths and find out the real truth of the field where you want to major in. Do not let other people create a profile about something you are interested in, go ahead and create your own perspective about it.