Weekends are wonderful (And weekdays too!)

Who doesn’t love chill days? We all had a great time this weekend and I surely enjoyed every moment spent with my family who came for a brief visit for my Birthday. I also want to add that watching “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” made me wish for the existance of more deep people in the world. Sometimes I wonder how many people like that are left? I’ll be honest and say that in my opinion, we all are deep in some way, but most of the people is really scared of showing what they really feel and how they are. It’s really sad and such a waste to hide who we truly are, but at least I’ll contribute to the rest of the world by never hiding who am I, even in the worst of the circumstances.

Wish all of you a wonderful week start! And I will try my best to take some good photos during the week.